The Damm Company, Inc.

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Capability and Resources

Specializing in Conventional (Sinker) EDM, with Complete In-House Electrode Fabrication capability using both System 3R ® and Sunspot ® tooling systems, to provide our customers with consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Our resources include ...

Form Grinding
Computer numeric control (CNC) milling
Computer numeric control (CNC) turning
Computer assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

In-House support for the following computer file formats ...

| .dwf | .dwg | .dfx | .rml | .ipt | .iam | .rml | .idw | .sldprt | .sldasm | .slddrw |

Available support for the following file formats ...


We have over 28 years of experience in the machining and manufacturing of ...

Prototype and specialty details
Special assembly line tooling
Air gages
Steel and carbide trim dies
Standard job shop details
Thermoplastic injection molds
Custom and special sockets
Steel and carbide extrusion dies
Steel and carbide heading dies

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